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  • google/gts

    How about providing a tagged package refers to the head

    Hello, I love this gts project and use this in many projects. This makes me free from chores. But the release cycles are not so fast beside other typescript ecosystems. I’m always waiting to be released this when new typescript is released. I understand that gts is used in many google typescript projects, but I want to use gts and the latest typescript. How about providing a tagged package refers to the head of the master? Something like gts@head or gts@beta are published when CI passed on the master. As another solution, I can depend on gts as git+https://github.com/google/gts, but it doesn't work and I fixed it (#553). But it's better to be provided as a built package.

    pokutuna opened on 2020-08-25
  • GoogleCloudPlatform/cloud-run-button

    remove a TODO, --use-http2 is GA

    http2 is went GA on 2021-06-22 https://cloud.google.com/run/docs/release-notes#June_22_2021 Just to make sure, I've check gcloud version on Cloud Shell Editor, Google Cloud SDK is 386.0.0 and gcloud run deploy --help includes --[no-]use-http2 option.

    pokutuna opened on 2022-06-05
  • genkiroid/cert

    Update install command

    Fixed installation commands in README. Installation executables by go get is deprecated in 1.17. https://go.dev/doc/go1.17#go-get no longer works in 1.18 https://go.dev/doc/go1.18#go-get Installation by go install is available from 1.16 (released 2021-02-16). It seems recent, but 1.16 is no longer supported.

    pokutuna opened on 2022-04-25
  • GoogleCloudPlatform/bigquery-utils

    Create bqutil UDFs in all other non-US datasets

    I ran into some issues when trying to use CTE's in combination with bqutil. This exectues as expected: SELECT `bqutil.fn.median`([1,1,1,2,3,4,5,100,1000]) as median However, after adding a CTE: WITH covid AS ( SELECT date, daily_confirmed_cases FROM `bigquery-public-data.covid19_ecdc_eu.covid_19_geographic_distribution_worldwide` ) SELECT `bqutil.fn.median`([1,1,1,2,3,4,5,100,1000]) as median BQ throws the error: "Function not found: bqutil.fn.median". I there a way to explicitly import the BQ utils or any other suggestions to address this issue?

    davidvanrooij opened on 2021-07-06
  • golang/appengine

    Fix header name to associate log entry & trace

    Thanks for releasing v2. I tried the log API on GAE 2nd gen, but it didn't associate with the request log. The request header to get a trace id and a span id is correct X-Cloud-Trace-Context, not Cloud-Trace-Context.

    pokutuna opened on 2021-09-29
  • terraform-google-modules/terraform-google-github-actions-runners

    fix: bump minimum provider version for gh oidc module

    Version 3.53 fails to set member starting with "principalSet" in google_service_account_iam_member. terraform-google-github-actions-runners/modules/gh-oidc/main.tf Line 45 in 138c753 member = "principalSet://iam.googleapis.com/${google_iam_workload_identity_pool.main.name}/${each.value.attribute}" This issue has reported this problem. hashicorp/terraform-provider-google#7852 And terraform-provider-google fixed this on 3.64. https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-provider-google/releases/tag/v3.64.0 I've confirmed that ghe_oidc module fails with v3.63 and succeeds with v3.64.

    pokutuna opened on 2021-11-25
  • terraform-google-modules/terraform-google-github-actions-runners

    docs: fix sa_name example & description

    Sorry for my trivial PR again. sa_name in gh-oidc module doesn't expect an email address of service accounts. It passes to google_service_account_iam_member, which is a resource name like projects/{project_id}/serviceAccounts/{email}.

    pokutuna opened on 2021-11-25
  • google-github-actions/auth

    docs: fix token format example in readme

    A small fix. I noticed this when using attribute conditions. username is passed to repository_owner, not reponame. An example of mapping can also be found in this GitHub Action documentation.

    pokutuna opened on 2021-11-24
  • piglovesyou/graphql-let

    Works with @graphql-codegen/add?

    There is an example in the README for use with @graphql-codegen/add. https://github.com/piglovesyou/graphql-let#graphql-let-specific-options But I couldn't get the generated codes including the section. Small reproduction codes & generated codes. https://gist.github.com/pokutuna/d3bb746eed98ba6073f21817afd7574c

    pokutuna opened on 2020-08-23
  • GoogleCloudPlatform/cloud-builders-community

    [kustomize] the installed binary is not in PATH.

    Instead of the given _KUSTOMIZE_VERSION, the working version is from gcr.io/cloud-builders/gcloud. Affected builder image gcr.io/cloud-builders-community/kustomize Expected Behavior kustomize works with the version in _KUSTOMIZE_VERSION. Actual Behavior kustomize works v3.6.1 which from the base image google-cloud-sdk. Steps to Reproduce the Problem Build a image following the README. $ cd kustomize $ gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml --substitutions=_KUSTOMIZE_VERSION=v4.1.3 Creating temporary tarball archive of 6 file(s) totalling 6.2 KiB before compression. ... Starting Step #1 Step #1: Already have image: gcr.io/pokutuna-playground/kustomize:latest Step #1: {Version:v3.6.1 GitCommit:a0072a2cf92bf5399565e84c621e1e7c5c1f1094 BuildDate:2020-06-15T20:19:11Z GoOs:linux GoArch:amd64} Finished Step #1 PUSH Build with this cloudbuild.yaml steps: - name: 'gcr.io/$PROJECT_ID/kustomize:v4.1.3' entrypoint: bash args: - '-c' - 'which kustomize' - name: 'gcr.io/$PROJECT_ID/kustomize:v4.1.3' args: - 'version' env: - CLOUDSDK_COMPUTE_ZONE=asia-northeast1 - CLOUDSDK_CONTAINER_CLUSTER=prd output Starting Step #0 Step #0: Pulling image: gcr.io/pokutuna-playground/kustomize:v4.1.3 ... Step #0: gcr.io/pokutuna-playground/kustomize:v4.1.3 Step #0: /builder/google-cloud-sdk/bin//kustomize # this line is from `which kustomize` Finished Step #0 Starting Step #1 Step #1: Already have image (with digest): gcr.io/pokutuna-playground/kustomize:v4.1.3 Step #1: Running: gcloud container clusters get-credentials --project="pokutuna-playground" --zone="asia-northeast1" "dev" Step #1: Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data. Step #1: kubeconfig entry generated for dev. Step #1: {Version:v3.6.1 GitCommit:a0072a2cf92bf5399565e84c621e1e7c5c1f1094 BuildDate:2020-06-15T20:19:11Z GoOs:linux GoArch:amd64}

    pokutuna opened on 2021-07-03